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Food Rescue Hero


The Food Rescue Hero platform combines technology, last-mile logistics and community engagement to create a new food recovery and redistribution network that effectively delivers fresh and highly perishable food directly to those who need it most.

Focusing on the complex and variable dynamics of retail food recovery, Food Rescue Hero automates the time-consuming tasks to coordinate operations seamlessly. The app alerts volunteer drivers about surplus food nearby and guides each donation pick up and delivery, every step of the way. Since 2016, Food Rescue Hero has coordinated more than 188 million pounds of perfectly good food from getting wasted and redirected to the people who need it.

Our model merges technology, civic engagement, and public-private partnerships to introduce a new transport and distribution model that transforms surplus food into a resource and changes the way we approach food access.

And we are seeing sustainable, scalable and measurable impact.

How We Work: A Cooperative Philosophy

About Food Rescue Hero Technology

We work with food rescue and hunger relief organizations to launch and scale food recovery. However, our collective work goes beyond technology. We support our partners with continuous coaching and shared learning. Food Rescue University is our online learning resource and community available to all our partners. We also hold the Food Rescue Conference annually—the first conference solely dedicated to retail food recovery.

Our technology evolves with our partners’ input and is designed with a cooperative philosophy. Our Product and Engineering teams work closely with all our partners to ensure that the Food Rescue Hero platform responds to the networks’ needs.

While we have the most robust food rescue coordination technology, our work is fully centered in creating community.

The Food Rescue Hero Platform works with and is supported by a global network of technology leaders: