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In a time where food insecurity has increased to 1 in 5 Americans, we are honored to work with nine food rescue organizations in cities across North America: 412 Food Rescue in Pittsburgh, PA, Philly Food Rescue Philadelphia, PA, Hunger Network in Cleveland, OH, Food Finders in Los Angeles, CA, Food Runners in San Francisco, CA, Prince William Food Rescue Prince William County, VA, Last Mile Food Rescue Cincinnati, OH, Haven’s Harvest in New Haven, CT and Vancouver Food Runners Vancouver, BC.

The Food Rescue Hero network rescues food that is donated and volunteer drivers, guided by the Food Rescue Hero app, deliver it to nonprofits and homes of families facing food insecurity. Rescuing food not only impacts food waste and food insecurity, it reduces carbon and methane emissions by saving the resources used to produce and transport the food as well as its impact on landfills.

Together, our partner organizations have worked tirelessly to mobilize over 18,000 food rescue heroes the largest, on-demand volunteer food transport network – to redistribute over 38 million pounds of food. Taking over 169,000 trips, missing only 1% of available rescues.

In 2020, as a key response to the pandemic, we launched our Home Delivery service putting our platform on par with commercial food delivery services. Our recurring rescue features put some of our capabilities above these commercial platforms.

Our Collective Impact in 2020 (and since inception):

28.5 million pounds of food rescued (+38 million pounds cumulative)
23.8 million meals provided (+31.6 meals cumulative)
15 million pounds of CO2 emissions mitigated (20.6 million pounds cumulative)
18,000 volunteers at the ready
99% service level
87% of food rescued is produce & other fresh food!

With our roots in Pittsburgh, we always remember what Mr. Rogers wisely shared with us, words that his mother imparted to him when he was a child: “Look for the helpers.”

We are inspired by our partner organizations and their amazing volunteers – the heroes who have stepped up to help their neighbors and make sure everyone has enough to eat. We are hopeful about 2021 and invite you to join the movement – bring food rescue to your city or be a food rescue hero in your community.

Contact Jessi Marsh, Senior Director of Strategic Partnerships at to learn more.