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Randy Rosens

Executive Director -

Randy Rosens is a Detroit native with a long history of involvement in grassroots food rescue and community-based work with members of the disability community. In addition to starting Keep Austin Fed, he founded 'Keep Austin Mobile', 'Texas Rowing for All', and is a founding member of Port Townsend, Washington's 'Olympic Neighbors' provides housing for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Keep Austin Fed, founded in 2004, is a food rescue organization that now delivers the equivalent of over 17,000 meals weekly and includes over 200 volunteers, was born from Randy's involvement in a high-end fundraiser that featured an over-abundance of high-quality food. Randy was horrified at the idea that the leftovers would be tossed. Rescuing and redistributing surplus food was not commonplace at the time, but he contacted a friend who supported a domestic violence shelter; she enthusiastically agreed to accept the extra food.

The fulfillment and positive outcomes generated by that first rescue led him to continue rescuing food, recruit friends and grow the organization. His experience starting Keep Austin Fed eventually led him to help others start their own small, grassroots food rescue operations by sharing his knowledge. Food Rescue Dude is the culmination of that desire.

Randy founded and operates, as its spiritual leader and primary source of food rescue knowledge. His role includes providing information to those interested in food rescue - in the form of the Food Rescue Guide and Encyclopedia, Online Community posts, and interactions, and offering direct assistance on community members' projects.

  • Port Townsend, Washington